Dr. Fausto Pagnamenta

Early life

Dr. F. Pagnamenta was born in Lugano/Switzerland. He studied Medical Science at the University of Bern and completed his specialized training in Pediatrics in Geneva.

He taught Pediatrics and worked for one year as Head of the Pediatric department for infectious diseases and Neonatology at the University of Constantine in Algeria.


1973, he was appointed Head of the Pediatric departement in Locarno/Switzerland. He introduced many improvements all over Switzerland during his 13 years as Head of departement. In 1974 for example, his departement was the first in Switzerland to allow unlimited visiting times for the parents of sick children. Also, he introduced the "gentle birth" in 1975, together with Dr. F. Leboyer and the Obstetric department with its Head Dr. Zarro.

In 1986, he quits his position as Head of department in Locarno. Two years later in Germany, he met Peter Mandel, founder of Energy Emission Analysis and Colourpuncture.
After detailed studies in Peter Mandel's seminars, Dr. Pagnamenta now treats children and adults exclusively and successfully with Colourpuncture.

From the book Children in the light (ISBN: 3-925806-94-6, Esogetics)